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Mums with Muscles

Mums with Muscles! Really?
Not too long ago I walked past a news stand & read the headline on a popular women’s magazine that read
“Fit is the new skinny”. I was thrilled!
Finally the world is catching up & taking a more healthful approach to the way we look at ourselves!

A lot of women want to lose weight & be slim or “skinny”, but don’t want to get too muscly & therefore mistakenly avoid resistance workouts.
Rest assured- it actually takes a lot of effort to achieve as much muscle as a body builder! However, doing regular resistance workouts (3 times a week is great) has many important benefits such as significantly increasing strength, mobility& balance& improving bone mass.

Bone density starts to decrease after the age of 30 years old, increasing the risks of fractures & even osteoporosis. Repetitive weight-bearing exercises help increase & maintain bone density as the loads place stress on the bone, stimulating the osteoblasts that build new bone tissue & slowing bone loss. Put simply, resistance training stresses the bones, providing them with a stimulus to thicken, stay strong & keep osteoporosis at bay.

A wonderful added bonus for building muscle is that as you increase your lean muscle mass, (through resistance training) your BMR (basal metabolic rate) increases too. This means you begin to burn fat even during daily activities. This is because while the body is repairing itself, it’s burning energy. So that “afterburn” feeling after a workout is actually a great thing!

A healthy body is a beautiful one & muscle tone definitely accentuates that gorgeous picture of health!